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[Our Client’s Request]

Good food means good life because we can’t live without food. Foods are a great source of energy. To gain more energy a good level of calories required. All peoples must know about the total calories of each food before eating it. Because different foods have different levels of calories. People need a perfect scale or tool to measure the calorie amount of different foods. They need to improve diet and maintain calories level. Our customer required an excellent solution which should be flexible and user friendly. They need a solution that must powerful and deliver a detailed summary.

[The Challenge]

The need was for reliable and best solution that work 24/7 hours. A solution that help to maintain diet and calories amount in your body. 

  • Easily find products.
  • Protein level of fast food.
  • Evaluation of calories on daily basis.
  • Detailed information about meal, calories, fat, and weight.
  • Accurate facts and figures.
  • Latest featured quality.


As we know that various tools exist to calculate calories amounts in the body of human beings. But we think about a comprehensive solution for diet improvement which provides good direction and suggestions for health. We realize digital solutions are best but the addition of the latest technology will be magnificent with the latest advancement. Therefore CALORIE COUNTER-Fddb Extender is an excellent and unique tool for all problems related to diet and calories.


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[Final Outcome]



A Calorie Counter-Fddb Extender is the newest solution to control or improve your diest quickly. Great helper to Create individual goals on a daily basis with the calorie and nutrient planner for the entire week. Calorie counter Improve your habits and eat healthier food and don’t more conscious about calories. You can check your fluid and water supply with this tool. It is outstanding in performance and accurate in results. The Calorie counter offers Connection with Google Fi, Garmin, Fitbit, or Samsung Health and imports steps, activities, and body weight. This advanced featured app provides PRO membership with additional useful functions and more detailed statistics in addition to the free functions and also removes the banner ads from the app.


This is a fantastic solution for a healthy diet because it works as an assistant. Improve your diet and achieve your goals with Fddb’s free calorie counter and nutrition diary. It comes with the huge food database, you can easily control and improve your calorie and nutrient intake, your physical activity, and your body weight.

[Main Features]

  • Outstanding performance.
  • 100% accurate results.
  • Statistical data with graph.
  • Updated reports daily.
  • Huge food database.
  • Diet report weekly, monthly, and yearly.
  • Weight summary.
  • Water tracker feature.
  •  Latest design with newest features.
  • Light and dark mode.

 [Technology stack]

For the development of the Calorie counter-Fddb extender, different technologies and frameworks are used like React Native, Cordova, or Ionic and have your calorie counter apps built simultaneously for iOS and Android. This technology stack makes it more reliable and free from bugs. A 1,000,000+ users make it successful.


[The Coming together]


[Modules We Build]


[Dash-board Widgets]

  • Connection with Samsung, Fitbit, google, Garmin, and Samsung health.
  • External files attachments and calendar.
  • Carbs, fat, and protein calculation.
  • Track calories, and nutrients daily. 
  • Set your calories goal.
  • Get report of eaten and burned calories.
  •  Report of every meal calories.
  • Hundreds of options to choose diet.
  • Yearly and monthly Weight report with graph.
  • Detailed statistics report.
  • Colorful mods.



This calorie counter gains remarkable success quickly due to its brilliant features. This App will help you to get detailed information about your calories, weight, and burned calories with 100% correct statistics. Everyone able to count the calories of a meal anytime and anywhere just internet access is necessary. This is the most reliable and efficient App.


[Team Members]


[Customer Feedback]

“Our experience with the System junction was Superb because they deliver excellent services in a short time.  Our business was required to build customized software and this team of experts understand our requirements, specification and deliver the exact product that we want. I loved this team. They are hard workers, passionate, dedicated, and honest with their clients and work.”