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[Our Clientu2019s Request]

Our body needs calories to organize and operate our internal system. But over calories stored in the body generate more fat. Fat can become the cause of many diseases. So, our customer needs the best operator that can measure calories level in your body. Then we think to develop calories measurement tools which will be a great helper for everyone to know about calories stander. When you know about the calories level in your body then you can increase and decrease this level by taking the best precautions.


[The Challenge]

We needs to invent most intelligent and suitable solution which helps to maintain your health easily. Because, excess of calories can gain weight quickly. But we have to tackle some overloaded calories with best eye check.

  • Track health and calories.
  • Keep eye on calories level.
  • Nutritional guidance and improvements.
  • Maintain calories level.
  • Provide detail report of calories in human-beings body.
  • High Accuracy level.
  • Reliability and easy to use.
  • Safe & secure.
  • Total calories from various diet items.u00a0


The developer team start to analyze problems and start research to develop high proficient tool for the measurement of calories. We want to invent user friendly product that support to avoid extra calories. The solution must be powerful, easy to understand, and free from complicated processes. Almost all food items should be include for calories measurement. The solution work 24/7 hours such as anytime and anywhere. Various companies gives hundreds of solution but to choose best one is tough task.


[Wireframes are used early in the development process to establish the basic structure of a page before visual design and content is added.]

[Final Outcome]



Our hardworking and passion to create newest technology for health is CALORIE calculator that is great invention in health field. By using this App you can calculate nutritional information of any meal at any time. The amazing fact is that over 500 foods energy content determination. Save all your meals and keep track of your calorie and macronutrient consumption. Best Learner tool to make healthier diet choices! Each food comes with an information dialog to help educate you about food. Track how much calories you have burned with over 300 exercises to choose from! At the end of the day, save your daily report and view daily summaries on the Statistics page.


The CALORIES CALCULATER designed to get best solution to analyze our body calories. You needs to enter meal food to view nutritional summary. Enjoy 500 foods by getting calories strength of each item and make healthy diet.

[Main Features]u00a0

  • Track calories of each meal.
  • 100% accurate fact & figures.
  • Healthy diet choices with 500 foods.
  • Easy to understand and use.
  • Free from errors.
  • Big food database.
  • Track exercise with innovative features.

u00a0[Technology stack]

The Calories calculator database can be designed by utilizing these technology including MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, CouchDB PostgreSQL, and Redis. This technology make largest database of this app.

[The Coming together]


[Modules We Build]


[Dash-board Widgets]

  • Total Amount of calories after breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal with water absorption.
  • Calories summary including Carbs, Protein, and fats. With graph
  • you can set new target.
  • Add meal from with quantity.
  • Add, edit, and delete food item and quantity quickly.
  • Nutritional status of every food.
  • Add exercise and duration.
  • Burned calories.
  • Basel Metabolic Rate.
  • At the end calculate your BMI.
  • Detailed statistics report of calories with time period.


More than 100,000 users is prove of CALORIES CALCULATOR success. This app support to calculate your diet calories accurately. Over 500 food and 300 exercises choices make it more useable in daily life. This app provides complete calories report of each meal with statistics.u00a0 Thousands of peoples love it due to its reliability and best results.

[Team Members]


[Customer Feedback]

u00a0u201cReally, I like the working process and strategies of System junction. This team of professionals helped me by developing a powerful software which organizes my business inventory and sales system more efficientlyu201d